Guardiant Premium Bioheat Fuel

Healthier for the planet, easier on your wallet, safer for your family.

There’s a reason Horan Oil customers experience far fewer maintenance issues and “no-heat” calls than others.

That reason is Guardiant.

Guardiant Premium Bioheat Fuel is as clean, efficient, and reliable as any oilheat available today.

Guardiant is a healthy and safe ultra-low sulfur product blended with renewable, clean-burning biodiesel made from soy and other vegetable oils, recycled restaurant oils, and other natural sources. Not only is Bioheat Fuel’s production astonishingly energy efficient, but the fuel itself is nontoxic, biodegradable, and promotes better air quality and environmental sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It also provides a cleaner, more complete and energy efficient burn, while requiring no modifications to your heating equipment.

Most consumers don’t realize that today’s Bioheat Fuel can actually beat natural gas on environmental benefits. (And that’s not to mention its superior safety record.) You can learn more about Bioheat Fuel by clicking here.

To make Guardiant even more reliable and cost-efficient, our Bioheat Fuel is treated with a highly effective heating oil conditioner that extends its stability in storage, protects it from common contaminants, and actively cleans your heating system to keep it operating at maximum efficiency.

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The Guardiant Difference

The filter on the left was pulled from a new customer’s heating system after 900 gallons of generic heating oil passed through it.The filter on the right was pulled from an existing customer’s system after the same heating season. A dirty filter puts unnecessary strain on your heating system, requiring it to work harder and burn more oil to heat your home, until it inevitably malfunctions. We welcome many new customers who’ve come to realize that their discount heating oil is costing them more.

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